There are certain preliminaries that must be fulfilled before going behind the wheel for your first driving lesson. These prerequisites include things such as meeting the minimum age requirement of the DVA, obtaining a provisional driving licence, and meeting the minimum eye-sight requirements.

The next thing to accomplish is a good night’s rest the night before as well as eating healthy meals on the big day. These two things will ensure that you are nourished, alert, and less stressed. Once these things have been achieved; you are now ready for your first driving lesson. Here are some of the things to expect on your first day of driving:

  • You might feel a bit nervous and overwhelmed but listen to your instructor and follow through with his/her instructions.
  • The instructor will administer a simple eye test to see if you can read a licence plate from the required distance.
  • Your instructor might ask you relevant questions in relation to driving theory. If you do not know the answers or do not remember; inform your instructor and do not pretend to know.
  • You may not go onto public or main roads straightaway. It is customary that the very first lesson be reserved for you and the instructor to get to know each other as well as get you familiarised with the vehicle. Also, this is the time wherein the instructor often acquaints the learner with the different parts and controls of the vehicle; mechanical aptitude.
  • When you both enter the vehicle; the instructor will more than likely drive the vehicle onto a quiet road and eventually offer you the opportunity to take over the driving. Proper use of the mirrors and gear shifting will likely be the main things of focus.

Unlike many driving schools you will drive the car on your first driving lesson and on every subsequent lesson. Throughout your course of lessons time spent at the roadside will be kept to a minimum. Our aim is to help you to learn to drive safely in the most efficient manner.