Please note any driving instructor working under McCluskey Driving Academy is a self-employed driving instructor

If you have chosen to undertake driving tuition this agreement is between you and your instructor. No contractual liability shall arise or subsist between you and McCluskey Driving Academy. In the event of a mechanical breakdown of the vehicle in which you have been learning to drive, or for any other reason, the instructor reserves the right to re-arange a driving lesson to a time convenient to both you and instructor.

I cannot be held responsible for driving tests postponed or cancelled by the DVA.

A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given to the instructor otherwise you will be liable for the full cost of that lesson, as the lesson in question could have been taken by another pupil. The instructor reserves the right to refuse or terminate a lesson, should the driver be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that could contravene road safety.

I reserve the right to withdraw my car for driving tests without notice should the instructor consider the pupil not to be up to test standard.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice, any promotional offers are subject to one per pupil.

Any vouchers or block bookings must be started within 3 months of receipt of voucher or money will be refunded.

By taking lessons with McCluskey Driving Academy, you therefore understand and agree with the terms and conditions set out above.

Intensive Courses

All lessons must be completed before the pupil sits his/her test. If pupil is not test ready by the end of the intensive course, the instructor has the right to refuse the use of their car for the practical test.

Any cancellations made with less than two working days notice will be charged as a lesson taken. If the instructor is unable to provide car due to mechanical breakdown or sickness, it will be rearranged as soon as possible.

A refund will not be provided for cancellation of the course as this time has been allocated out of the instructor’s schedule. You will not be able to sell or transfer any driving lessons which you have pre-paid for to any third party, without obtaining prior consent from McCluskey Driving Academy.

Special Offers

 All special offers will be withdrawn unless; driving lessons are taken regularly i.e. there should not be a gap of more than two weeks between Lesson(s) unless agreed in writing by Us.  If a gap between lessons of more than two weeks occurs we reserve the right to charge you the full price for any hour(s) of tuition not used and/or withdraw any free hour(s) of tuition under the Special Offer.

The special offers are applicable to new customers only. A customer is entitled to only one special offer. These offers are not available to pupils who have already taken a lesson with a McCluskey Driving Academy driving instructor, or those who have booked a practical driving test before commencement of lessons with McCluskey Driving Academy. Special offers are non-refundable. Our special offers cannot be taken by anyone who has a driving licence from a foreign country.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations made with less than two working days notice will be charged at the normal rate. Special circumstances will be considered under the discretion of the instructor.