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Ryann Duncan, Belfast.

“I booked online for a crash course as work commitments wouldn’t allow me to do lessons weekly, Gary was a great instructor and got me through my test after only six days of driving, couldn’t recommend him highly enough, made the whole process so much easier!”


Francesca Farag, Belfast.

“Gary is a fantastic driving Instuctor. He makes learning new manoeuvres extremely easy and demonstrates their simplicity. I took the 10 hour intensive course and passed first time. He had very handy methods and tips for driving which made remembering things easy. He ensured I was prepared for the driving test and was very easy to get along with. He made me comfortable to ask anything I felt I was unsure of and was always open to any sort of questions. I would 10/10 recommend Gary as a driving instructor.”


Ben Spencer, Belfast.

“I just passed my driving test today, and loads of the credit goes to Gary for his patient and insightful teaching style. He broke down each aspect of driving into bite-sized pieces and then helped me put them back together into smooth, confident driving. He was calm and considerate throughout, but never spoke down to me. I’d recommend him to anyone. Thanks,” Ben Spencer.


Ronan Kerr, Belfast.

“I received training from my instructor Gary. I paid for the intensive course which was a great decision, I did 3 hours a day for around 3 days a week. Gary was great help, he showed me the basics on day one and then let me get on with it unlike some other companies that don’t let you drive on your first lesson. He showed me step by step throughout each lesson how to drive safely. Each lesson I grew in confidence on the roads, he even planned out different scenarios on his iPad showing me the many hazards that may occur. He was a great help, I’ve now passed and driving happily and safely on the roads… big thanks to him!!”


Yihan Song, Belfast.

“Although I already had significant driving experience, Gary’s help was invaluable in passing my test. He is extremely patient and creates a positive learning environment. Lessons are well structured with lots of actual driving and everything is taught in a simple, methodical way.
Gary made sure I was completely prepared for everything that happened during the test. We did a few mock tests before and the routes and questions were all well covered. This knowledge gave me the confidence I needed on the day. Highly recommend this course. It is intense, but for me, much more effective than regular 1 hour lessons and totally worth the cost. Many thanks Gary!” Yihan.


Conor Corrigan, Belfast.

“Just passed my test with Gary, guy has the patience of a saint and is an absolute gentleman.. couldn’t have done it without him! Absolute legend thanks for everything pal, beep beep ??! ”


Jason Reid, Belfast.

“Brilliant professional 5* service. I looked for a while for a course to suit me and price and eventually found Belfast city driving school, after reading the reviews (especially Gary’s reviews) I went ahead and booked the course. Was in contact with Sean the next day he was brilliant and got me the dates I requested for and said the instructor would be in contact. The next day the famous instructor Gary was in contact and worked out the schedule, 4 weeks later I began my first day of lessons and I have to say what an absolute gentleman this guy is,with the patience of a saint, with a wealth of knowledge along the way, he took the time to really work on my bad habits and teach the correct way, which was no easy feat for him, especially with the short timeframe we had. His hard work showed on the day in the examiners words “that was a good, confident and calm test” that was all thanks to Gary. The whole experience couldn’t of went any better from start to finish and I Highly recommend this company, many thanks guys”. Jason.


Clare Kennedy, Belfast.

“I recently passed my driving test with Belfast City Driving School with Gary as my instructor. I was delighted with the intensive course I took and agreed to do a review for gary and the school. Please find it below: I recently passed my driving test and was delighted with the intensive course I took with Belfast City Driving School. Following 6 months of lessons with one of the larger driving schools my lessons lacked focus and I wasn’t progressing. I switched to Belfast City Driving School and completed the 9 hour intensive driving course. Due to my instructor Gary, I was filled with confidence in my driving and the lessons were structured with the goal of passing the test always in mind. Gary made me feel at ease going into the test by preparing me for all parts – from the safety questions at the start, to ensuring I had covered all areas of the possible routes to giving me simple and clear guidance on each of the manoeuvres. The intensive and concentrated nature of my lessons was great for building momentum going into the test.  I would highly recommend Belfast City Driving School to anyone learning to drive and thank them for their help and support. Hope this sounds ok, but if you have any questions just give me a shout! Thanks again,” Clare.


Aisling Dornan, Belfast.

“Gary is a great driving instructor. He is very reassuring and supportive. His simple approach helped me get started and he adapted the lessons to help me improve areas where I was less confident. He was extremely understanding and worked around my schedule to ensure I was ready for my test in a short amount of time. I would recommend Gary to anyone looking for a driving instructor.” Thanks Aisling Dornan.


Drew Pearson, Belfast.

“Would 100% recommend belfast city driving school to anyone. I booked a 15 hour intensive course after having 10 hours driving experience and was up to test standard very quickly. Gary was my instructor, he is very pleasant and has a patient and calm method of teaching. I managed to pass 1st time, Big thankyou to Gary.” Drew Pearson


Sean Coyle, Belfast.

“I was an older beginner driver (>30yrs) and was in need of getting a licence in a short space of time with relatively little experience. Gary was excellent in the way he broke down fundamentals into easy to remember items and then built up my experience rapidly from day one, testing me as far as I could go and then constructively working on areas that needed improvement. He is extremely adept at giving clear guidance, observing the student themselves and building up confidence behind the wheel. His car is in excellent condition and perfectly adapted for learning. If you need to get up the skill curve fast and safe, Gary’s your man.” Sean.


Graham Rankin, Belfast.

“I recently completed a 10 hour intensive driving course with yous. I had Gary as my instructor. I thought I would take a few minutes to review my course. I found the course very rewarding (As I past my test first go) This was down to the instructor I had. From the moment I got in the Car Gary made me feel very relaxed. His teaching methods were excellent he was very clear in his instruction. He had loads of little tips when it came to my maneuvers. This gave me a lot of confidence going into my test. Which enabled me to complete the test with only 4 minors. People are very quick to take the time to complain. I feel that if someone has done a good job then they deserve you to take the time to acknowledge the good work they have done. So from a very satisfied customer I would like to wish all at BCDS a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Pass my well wishes on to Gary as well please as he has had such a positive impact on my life. Once again thank you.” Graham Rankin


Rachel Butler, Belfast.

“Hi Sean, I’ve just completed an intensive driving course with Gary Gordon and passed my test today, I’m absolutely delighted and just thought I’d let you know what a pleasure it was to drive with Gary, he made me feel very comfortable and has the patience of a saint. I’ve been taking lessons on and off for well over ten years but this time made it to the test and passed with Gary’s help :)”Rachel Butler.


Jonathan Sands, Belfast.

“One of the best instructors about gave me all the relevant information needed and was able to suit lessons around my work which was very helpful and gave me the skills and confidence needed to pass my test and become a proficient driver. I was nervous at the beginning but now i’m so confident and ready to hit the road and explore, all the best”, Jonathan Sands.


Eamonn Jones, Belfast.

“After only 15 hours of intensive instruction with Gary Gordon, I passed first time at the Balmoral Test Centre. Gary is calm, patient, methodical, exceptionally good humoured, and his simple clear instruction means that learning begins instantly and techniques are quickly consolidated. With any mistakes treated as opportunities for further learning, Gary really builds a learner driver\’s confidence and makes learning to drive a progressive and positive experience. Gary incorporates elements of the Advanced Driving Course and realistically simulates the atmosphere of the test day scenario, so that drivers are prepared thoroughly both for the demands of a test situation, and a lifetime of safe and enjoyable motoring. With so many careers listing driving as an essential requirement, lessons with Gary represent outstanding good value and a worthwhile investment which quickly pays for itself. I would happily recommend Gary to anyone wishing to learn to drive or further enhance their motoring skills.” Eamonn, Belfast.


Shane McElhatton, Belfast.

“Gary was a pleasure to be taught by. He was always patient, friendly and engaging. He makes it very clear at the outset what must be done in order for you to pass the driving test, and won’t be afraid to tell you areas which might need work. That honesty was refreshing, and it lends itself to your confidence going into the test. I would 100% recommend using him.” Kind regards, Shane.


Michael Church, Belfast.

“Just wanted to send you a note/testimonial for Gary Gordon after I passed my test last week. I worked with Gary on the intensive learner’s course recently and found his calming, patient manner made learning to drive straightforward and enjoyable. His experience and knowledge gave me the confidence to go into my driving test in a positive frame of mind and I doubt I could have been better prepared. Thanks for everything Gary! Cheers.” Michael


Matthew Sikorski, Belfast.

“I chose Belfast City Driving School over any of the other driving schools as it is family run, which I was hoping that it would make it a more tailor-made and personal experience, and I wasn’t wrong!
I had pretty much no prior driving experience and opted for the 35 hour intense driving course as I wanted to get it done and dusted within the span of a week in order to enjoy as much of my summer holiday as possible. I was assigned to Gary and he was excellent from the get go; he ironed out any initial confusion over the schedule whilst I was abroad, which meant I could continue to enjoy my holiday prior to starting my course. Regarding the course itself, I ended up driving 30 hours and I have to say that Gary is a very skilled pedagogue – he is very good at adapting his teaching towards your way of learning. After all it is thanks to him I managed to pass with 5 hours less of driving than initially planned! The reason for this I believe is that he adapts his teaching method thaw you learn best. I really like the use of the tablet to emphasise or highlight errors which I had recently made, which made me remember and learn from them better! With this in mind, a sense of confidence and progress occurred which meant that I felt very engaged coming into each driving lesson. Thanks once again Gary!” Best Wishes, Matthew.


Joy Cook, Belfast.

“On the 31st March I passed my driving test. I had taken part in the 10hr crash course and thought it was excellent. I was nervous driving and had failed my test before however the instructor Gary was brilliant and helped eliminate these nerves and worries. He was very calm and explained manouvers in a way that was easy to understand and put into practice.  The lessons would last between 2 and 3 hours and took place very close together. I found this to be much more beneficial than hour long lessons.  The Belfast City Driving School helped build my confidence in driving. Thank you.” Joy


Emma Salters, Belfast.

“Hiya, I would like to drop a message to you about how great one of your instructors is! I did an intensive course with Gary in Newtonards in December and although I didn’t pass, he really built up my confidence and put me at ease with driving. I will definitely be recommending him! Have been meaning to send this email for ages!” Emma


Gemma Rogers, Belfast.

“I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Gary @ the Belfast City driving school for helping me through my course and passing my test. Gary is a great instructor, very patient and gave praise when due which gave me the confidence to get my license. I’d highly recommend him to others. Thank you Gary!”


Josephine Gonzales, Belfast.

“I would highly recommend  your company and Gary, my driving instructor. I took intensive course as I gave up my driving lessons more than a year now. I took 3 day lessons and it was great passed my practical lessons eventually on the 3rd day. GARY  is a fantastic instructor,   helpful and friendly, He patiently explained  and gave me loads of tips to pass my practical test. Thanks Gary.”


Peter Hassey, Belfast.

“I just want to say thank you kindly for recommending Gary, I passed first time this morning. Gary was very good at putting me at ease and is a very good teacher. I cannot recommend Gary highly enough. Many Thanks.” Peter.


Elizabeth Weir, Belfast.

“I passed my driven test today after an intensive 20hr course and I absolutely couldn’t have done it without the help of Gary, he kept me calm through the entire process (I tend to easily become annoyed at myself when something isn’t going quite right), and gently showed me everything I needed to know without putting any pressure on me whatsoever if a manoeuvre didn’t go quite to plan. His style of teaching is exactly what I needed, he is no nonsense, straight forward and extremely patient. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the car with him, the atmosphere during the lessons was relaxed and fun. Thank you so much to Gary for helping me achieve something I have been wishing for for years… I couldn’t be happier! Gary was not my first driving instructor as I attempted to learn drive a few years ago (this did not go well), so believe me when I say I would highly recommend this driving school and Gary, you will not find better anywhere else.”


Adam Wilson, Belfast.

“I started training with Gary as a complete beginner, and he took me through the basic mechanics of driving through to the finer points of road etiquette and safety procedures necessary for the driving test. Gary’s explanations for manouevres and guidlines for road usage were always clear and precise, and the lessons incorporated regular reminders of road and vehicle safety questions for the test. When I sat the test I found that I was able to rely on the good habits Gary had taught me, and because of those I passed on the first attempt. Thanks Gary!”


Matthew Bingham, Belfast.

“Gary was an excellent instructor — knowledgeable, patient, and professional, with a manner that put me at ease. After working with Gary, I’m proud to report that I passed my practical driving exam on the first go with only two minor faults. Thanks, Gary!”


Richard Devlin, Belfast.

“Absolutely brilliant course, Gary is a top instructor  explained everything in ways I could understand and made it easy to do passed first time would defo recommend it to any one.”Richard.


Siobhan Hanna, Belfast.

“Would recommend Belfast City Driving School to anyone, I’ve had lessons with two national driving schools, and a local instructor and nothing really compares. I kept giving up as was bored and found it a drain. I booked 20hours intensive lessons with Belfast City Driving School and picked it up and learnt so much in a short space of time it just clicked! Sean’s way of teaching is advanced but made everything clear and easy. Very alert and positive way of learning. I never thought I would be able to drive, but now I can and passed first time, thanks Sean!” Siobhan Hanna.


Jenni Small, Belfast.

“Gary is a Fantastic instructor, well recommended plenty of patience and more than helpful. Learnt a lot very quickly and picked up on every way he explained things to me. I found my confidence with his driving skills and thanks to Gary I’m now nearly 2years driving safely and happy on the roads :)”  Jeni


Joanna Banford, Belfast.

“The best driving instructor I could have asked for, heard so many great reviews and Gary  taught my brother as well, his simple and effective approach made learning to drive easy and fun. He always fitted in lessons around my schedule and school life, at competitive prices especially the group lesson rate. I would recommend Gary to anyone wanting to learn how to drive, best driving school around!” Joanna.


Jonah Teng, Belfast.

“The instructor was friendly and patient to me throughout the course. When I made mistakes during driving, he remained calm and assisted me. He ran through almost everything you need to pass the test rationally within the short course while not making it too intense to take in. I would definitely recommend the instructor to my friends.” Jonah.


Gillian Magee, Belfast.
“Gary Gordon tutored both my daughter and son.  He is very knowledgeable and has a quiet, but confident teaching style.
He was always friendly, punctual and flexible with bookings.  Both Lara and Nathan passed their tests first time and I
would have no hesitation in recommending Gary.” Gillian.


Richard Solomon, Belfast.
“We had scoured the internet to find a driving instructor for our daughter Charlotte and discovered Gary. Not only was Gary an excellent instructor but he boosted Charlotte’s confidence when she had moments when she doubted her ability. Within a short time she gained enough experience to sit her theory test and her driving test,which she passed on the first occasion and in record time. We would have no hesitation recommending Gary as an instructor. He has excellent interpersonal skills and patience which is particularly vital for the job. Thank you Gary.” Richard.


Lorna Buckley, Belfast.

“I just wanted to send you some feedback about Gary Gordon. I had a lesson with him last Tuesday and I found him very relaxing, it was my first lesson so I needed someone like him!

Instead of feeling nervous I really enjoyed myself and I’m looking forward to my next one. He was clear and logical helping me understand the basics and I felt really comfortable behind the wheel.

I enjoyed the lesson and I’m delighted I got Gary!” Lorna.


Martin McGuire, Belfast.

“Just a wee email to let you know I was very happy with Gary today, he took me on my first lesson this afternoon and made it very easy to understand and feel comfortable with him and the car. Really looking forward to getting out and learning more.” Martin.


Aoife Duggan, Belfast.

“Firstly I must say I am a very nervous anxious driver and I am pleased to say, I passed my test first time round.
I decided to book the intensive driving course with Gary Gordon due to my previous instructor taking ever-long in preparing me for my test. Gary is a very professional, no nonsense driving instructor.
There is simply no other way to describe Gary Gordon’s method of teaching other than PURE GENIUS!!!” Aoife.


Naoimi Gribben, Belfast.

“Hi I am just writing a review of my lessons with Gary Gordon. I am extremely pleased with his 10 hour driving course. I learnt more in them 10 hours than I did 30 hours with another instructor from another company. He is very friendly and made me feel at ease and I feel this helped me a lot when it came to my test today which I passed and I can honestly say I will be recommending him to anyone interested on doing lessons. From an extremely happy customer!” Naoimi.


Paul McConville, Belfast.

“I would highly recommend your services to anyone. Gary was brilliant from the start, friendly, patient, thorough and easy to understand and get along with, it was 13 years since I took a lesson and with a 20 hour course Gary had me test ready and confident, many thanks again Gary for your time and patience!!!” Paul.


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