With the many available options for driving schools in Belfast; one might become flustered in choosing the right one. However, knowing what standard services to expect from a driving school is the first step in this decision making. Although it is not a prerequisite to choosing a driving school; it would be a good idea to first obtain your provisional driving licence before choosing a driving school. The following are some key things to look for in a professional driving school:

  • The vehicles must be modern and reliable.
  • The driving curriculum should be based on the standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA).
  • All competencies should be fully covered with adequate time devoted to each to enable the students’ passing the tests.
  • All instructors should be experienced, fully qualified, and are capable of consistently delivering good and adequate instruction in a manner that is pleasant and easily understood.
  • All instructors should be conversant with the rules of the DVA as well as up-to-date on any changes.
  • The driving course should be affordably priced.
  • Driving instruction should be customized to suit the needs of individual students.
  • There should be a clear and established system of handling grievances between students and instructors.
  • All terms of the driving contract should be clear. There should be no vagueness or ambiguity to cause confusion and frustration.

Here at The Belfast City Driving School we will always go above and beyond what is expected to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Do not delay, call us today!